About me

I am Luisa,

The adventurous temporary lover with whom you can do any nonsense, laugh, cry or have deep conversations. My unprejudiced, natural, loving and uncomplicated nature is the reason for many people to open up to me. I am a feminine and self-confident woman who meets you with an open heart and passion, who lets herself fall and surrenders to you full of trust and deep devotion. I am also an experimental and sexually very open lover, whos nature is to be very submissive, but have learned in recent years to also take the lead, which I appreciate very much. You will not only hear my lust, but also feel, taste and see it, because everything I do, I do with passion.

My favourite activities and interests besides sex are travelling, meeting foreign cultures, tastes, smells and interesting nature. I have a strong preference for action sports and am a very good skier, love deep snow skiing and have enjoyed spending my holidays windsurfing since I was a child. I also like to go climbing and enjoy the dizzying canyons below me, I jump off cliffs, I like bouldering, I like to go hiking and cycling. My daily sports routine also includes yoga and I love my time on the mat in the morning. I also dance around the flat (lightly dressed) every now and then to the amusement of my neighbours.

I am an artist in my main profession and get inspired by everything I encounter in everyday life. Especially visual art – painting and fashion interest me a lot and I often go to art exhibitions. I have a pronounced soft spot for high heels and feminine dresses.

As a little hedonist, I naturally have a preference for excellent food, interesting literature, concerts and live music, being naked in general and wellness. A dream is to jump naked into the cold sea straight from the sauna or to enjoy a glass of good red wine on a terrace in the south at sunset.

Every person has an interesting story to tell, that inspires me and I would love to hear every story! That’s why I started the german “Geliebte auf Zeit” podcast in spring 2020, where I mainly interview other escorts, which is so much fun. I love duo dates and am very well connected with a number of great and exciting women with whom I love to spend passionate time. You can find out more about them in the “Girlfriends” section.

Laughing, daring, growing in life, light-heartedness, learning and experiencing new things, enjoying life, having sex, being in creative flow. That is my elixir of life.


My preferences

For me, good sex means being in the moment. To be able to let go, fully give up to be in the flow and let things happen. Every sexual encounter for me is a leap into a new adventure, anything can happen. I am bisexual and meet both women and men.

I love to fulfil your secret fantasies and desires. I love to let myself go in the very familiar submissive role. To let myself be tied up by your words, hands and ropes, to give you my trust, to give myself to you completely. As an athletic woman who knows her body and its limits well, I also like it in moments of lust and ecstasy when you are a little rough or it gets a little harder.

But I also enjoy deep intimacy, slow sex where we rock up together to an intense moment of pleasure.

As a squirter, I must already say that you should not be shy of water, because it could also get wet from time to time….

I am open to experimentation and fantasy and I am very good at expressing my own limits. Until I have said stop, you are in the position to be free to take what you want, demand what you want, I want to have new experiences.

I am a “switcher” and I like very much to take control over you. To dominate you, to satisfy myself on you, to use you and to lead you. To shamelessly show you my lust and say what I want. To tie you up and make you watch.

Neither in the submissive nor the dominant role am I passive, I always say what I like and when I enjoy something very much. Sex with me can be loud, intense and wet. However, I am absolutely not good at dirty talk. I am working on that right now. But I really enjoy hearing you moan or your dirty talk. When you say what you just want, if you don’t take it anyway.

My taboos are playing with toilet things, blood (active and passive) and anything that causes too much pain (like strong whipping or nipple clamps). I take care of my health and, of course, refuse all practices where there is a risk of contracting STDs.

The following list of preferences is not exhaustive, nor is it a guarantee. A date with me is not a list of services but a unique experience that varies depending on the other person and the day. If you are looking for pure services, you might be in the wrong place with me. I take the liberty of saying stop at any point during the date and I would like you to do the same. Only in this way we can experience a damn hot date based on our mutual trust, in which everything can and nothing must happen.

My preferences: Girlfriendsex, French, 69, Deep Throat, intense cuddling, passionate French kisses, anal sex (usually also XL possible), sensual oil massages, foot eroticism, frivolous going out, bondage games (active and passive), BDSM (very submissive and soft dominant), role playing, I like it when you come on my body, high heels (I have a pronounced heel fetish! ), sexy lingerie or I also like to come without lingerie, striptease, squirting (possibly depending on the situation), sex toys, club visits, swinging, duos FFM and MMF, couple accompaniment, meetings with lesbian/bi women.


“The whisper of a beautiful woman is heard further than the loudest call of duty.”

(Pablo Picasso)


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