I am happy, that you like to get to know me!

At the bottom of the contact form you can enter your desired date and place of your choice. It would be nice if I already know something about you before we meet, something about your desires concerning clothes etc. as well as preferences!

If you contact me, it can take me a few hours to answer, because escort is just a hobby for me, which I do next to my studies. During the day I concentrate on working for my university things. In order to plan a perfect date, it is worthwhile to contact me early enough, but at least 2 days in advance. This way I can also make sure to preserve the desired date for you. If there’s no other option and you must ask spontaneously, it might be a little stressful – but maybe you’re lucky and I do have time.

For me, escort is just a hobby that I am doing besides studying as a little amusement besides my “real life”. It is the best when a request for a date is sent to me as early as possible! However at least 48h before. I only do a few dates a month and always have a lot to do with my studies, so that I usually cannot respond immediately to your request. Therefore, it is the best, you tell me your preferred time for a date early, so we can make the appointment early enough. Sometimes I do have time and can be spontaneous, so if there is no other way, try to catch me!

I would be happy to learn a bit more about you in advance, to get to know you a little better.  Do you have certain wishes for our meeting, sexual preferences and ideas or want me to wear a special dress?